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  • Comprehensive eye examinations for all ages, including infants and preschoolers.
  • Contact lens fitting, including daily disposables, bifocal and astigmatism lenses.
  • Treatment of eye disease
  • Vision therapy for all ages.
  • Treatment for learning related vision problems which can relate to ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, eye tracking difficulties and reading problems.
  • Treatment for binocular vision conditions, including amblyopia or lazy eye, convergence insufficiency, strabismus (crossed or wall eye), double vision, or lack of stereoscopic depth perception.
  • Visual rehabilitation for patients with special needs, including autism, CP or developmental delays. 
  • Visual rehabilitation for patients with acquired brain injury, including concussion, stroke, or surgery.
  • Treatment for stress related vision problems, including blur, eye strain or headaches from computer use or reading.
  • Sports vision correction and/or improvement.

Please see our other pages, including Links, Eye Exam and Vision Therapy for more information. You may also call us at 703-508-2454 with any questions.